Scenic Blank Shots....

12:59 Lewis Gaukrodger 0 Comments

Over the past couple of months my fishing hasn't as such gone to plan, I missed the boat around October to target barbel and my winter campaign targeting pike was some what lacking in Pike!

Nevertheless I still enjoyed every session and enhanced my watercraft on waters that I will be targeting in spring! So having just moved house and now currently refurbishing it, all my tackle is packed away we are aiming to have it completed before the middle of March, this will hopefully then give me a couple of weeks to pre-bait for a spring carp campaign. A species that I have not given much attention to, hopefully I can trip up a few. What I have realised already just reading up on different rigs and approaches is how my barbel fishing can be improved especially with regards to end tackle. I think this is where specimen anglers come into their own cross referencing approaches and methods over a variety of species. A matchman can learn alot from a pike angler whilst a bream angler will learn even more from a pike angler...if you get my trail of thought.

So the next few blog posts will focus on how I intend to target the chosen venue and the good numbers of (ex) Tidal Trent commons in contains. To finish off this short post a few photographs from sessions over the last couple of months.